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Professional CV of Joachim Hertzberg

Joachim Hertzberg Professional CV Publications Courses Theses Projects

Born 1958 in Kiel, Germany.

Academic record

Professional career

Areas of scientific interest

Artificial Intelligence, knowledge-based systems, action planning, plan-based robot control, robot navigation and localization, semantic mapping, symbol grounding, embedded knowledge-based systems.

Applications of these. Currently, a focus is on Agricultural Robotics.


I have written or edited 9 books and published over 200 refereed or invited papers in books, journals or major conferences. A selection (complete starting Fall 2004) can be found at this link.

Awards etc.

Research projects

The current projects of the Knowledge-Based Systems working group are listed under this link.

Research community services

Past (Some)

Society memberships

Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI), Gesellschaft für Informatik in der Landwirtschaft (GIL), Gesellschaft für Kognitionswissenschaft (GK), Osnabrücker Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft (OWiG)
Joachim Hertzberg Professional CV Publications Courses Theses Projects

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