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My teaching at Osnabrück University has started at the Winter Semester 2004/05. This page contains some links to the Web pages of the respective courses. For the more recent courses, substantial web pages are only visible locally within the University of Osnabrück in Stud.IP. Most courses are in German, some (most seminars) are in English – their title is indicative. Many of them involve other members of the KBS group to some degree.

The general Pattern

Starting from Summer Semester 2007, connected to the administration needs of the Bachelor and Master programs, the Institute of Computer Science has streamlined its teaching program. Details can be found in the Institute's Modulhandbuch.

Concerning my own teaching, the pattern is this:

For all details, please consult Stud.IP (UOS internal) and the Modulkatalog (public)!

I am teaching a special (part of a) graduate seminar in March/April 2014 at the University La Sapienza in Rome. Details are here.

Backlist of old courses

Winter Semester 2006/07

Summer Semester 2006

Winter Semester 2005/06

Summer Semester 2005

Winter Semester 2004/05

Joachim Hertzberg Professional CV Publications Courses Theses Projects

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